SFC Virginia is a foster-based animal rescue group in Fredericksburg, VA. Founded in June 2019 with a focus on saving dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in the state, we strive to provide quality medical care including vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries, and to find permanent adoptive homes in our area.
Of those, approximately 3.1 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. We estimate that the number of dogs and cats entering U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 7.2 million in 2011. The biggest decline was in dogs (from 3.9 million to 3.1 million). Each year, approximately 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized (390,000 dogs ...
  • Virginia Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue Groups. TOP OF PAGE ADD NEW SHELTER OR RESCUE GROUP. Listings are alphabetized by county (when known). Hounds of Grace Inc. (Shelter #1172920) x. Mecklenburg County Charlotte, NC 28277 MAP IT. View Website New Tab. CONTACT: Deborah Parrish (617) 413-6557.
  • Our mission is to rescue, foster, transport, and find homes for unwanted, abandoned, and abused dogs in the Carolinas. Halfway There Rescue's goal is to pull at risk pets from over-crowded shelters in North and South Carolina, place them in temporary foster homes and ultimately find them permanent, loving homes. We also offer a community outreach program that provides free veterinary care ... French Bulldog Rescue Information: The French Bulldog is a small Bulldog with a playful, humorous personality. French Bulldogs are very sweet and affectionate. Training should be gentle and consistent. French Bulldogs must not be neglected; they need to be with their people. French Bulldogs do fine with older children and can usually be ...
  • A dog who is aggressive to unfamiliar dogs poses little difficulty for pet parents who dislike dog parks and prefer to exercise their dog on isolated hiking trails. In contrast, living with a dog who has recurring ear infections and bites family members when they try to medicate her can be stressful and unpleasant.
  • Dog Training in Fredericksburg, Virginia. ... Whether you have a new rescue or a dog exhibiting aggression we are here to help! Read More. Separation Anxiety. ... such as hyperactivity or aggression, our team can create a special training program designed for you.
  • WLCCAR'. We Love Chinese Cresteds Animal Rescue (Shelter #1126679) x. Madison County PO Box 614, New Market, AL 35761 MAP IT. View Website New Tab. Overview We Love Chinese Cresteds (WLCCAR) is a rescue organization that is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing the Chinese Crested dog.
  • French Bulldog Rescue Information: The French Bulldog is a small Bulldog with a playful, humorous personality. French Bulldogs are very sweet and affectionate. Training should be gentle and consistent. French Bulldogs must not be neglected; they need to be with their people. French Bulldogs do fine with older children and can usually be ...
  • O ur fleet of mobile spay/neuter clinics sterilized 12,565 dogs and cats, including 1,123 pit bulls, helping to reduce the suffering that results when animals enter a world in which so many of them are already literally dying for lack of a good home. Operating the clinics cost PETA more than $1,425,000 just in 2020 alone.
  • By working through The Dog Wizard's adult dog and puppy training programs, you and your dog will strengthen your relationship. Contact The Dog Wizard Virginia Beach For Help The professional dog trainers at The Dog Wizard are here to help you put an end to the negative behaviors that come with separation anxiety.
  • My dog is aggressive If your dog displays signs of aggression or behaviours that may lead to aggression, you must understand that you are putting others at risk. No matter how much you love your dog, if he has ever bitten anyone, you need to take him to a professional trainer for assessment and rehabilitation .
  • We are a rescue that does not euthanize non-adoptable dogs. We have taken in many police K9s that were at risk for being euthanized due to different levels of aggression. ... He is a 10 year old blue Dutch Shepherd who is a retired police officer from West Virginia. He has an aggressive history & is a 1 person dog. ... a 12 year old German ...
  • Every state page here on Local Dog Rescues contains a complete list of all the local rescue organizations that we have identified in each state. You will be able to see all their current contact information, as well as a link to their website, so you can check and see what dogs they currently have available for adoption.
  • Virginia Paws for Pits. Augusta County Staunton, VA 24401 MAP IT. View Website New Tab. Virginia Paws for Pits is a registered 501c3 non profit organization speciaIizing in rescuing and rehoming Pit BuIIs, Pit mixes, and other buIIy breeds in need. We puII aII of our dogs from high kiII sheIters across VA, TN, NC, SC, and GA.
  • We require ALL rescue dogs be placed on Nu-Vet Plus for the duration of their lives. Nu-vet Plus is the ONLY FDA approved immune system booster for dogs and can do wonders for your pets. Please research it and if you decide to order use Rescue Organization code 32068. Order now at www.nuvet.com or call (800) 474-7044
  • I.C.A.R.E. (Into Canine Adoption, Rehabilitation, and Education) Dog Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, all-breed, no-kill dog rescue organization. We rescue dogs from shelters at risk of being euthanized as well as abandoned, abused, and stray dogs. We also rescue many dogs from owners who are forced to surrender their dogs due to financial ... We rescue Irish Wolfhounds and find them safe, responsible, loving homes as inside members of the family. We save all Irish Wolfhounds, whether they are perfectly healthy, or whether they have been injured and are in need of major or minor medical care.
  • She is the sweetest, silliest, most playful dog I’ve ever met, and made herself right at home here from day one. She has two canine siblings: Shaggy, a slightly cantankerous senior pit mix, and Ruthie (formerly Natalia, HARP class of 2020 ️) who is sweet but shy and has spent the last year learning how to “dog” after what I imagine was ...

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      Dec 23, 2008 · Bad Newz killed dogs because it couldn't get them to be aggressive enough. The kennel also raised at least two grand champions, dogs with a minimum of five wins apiece. "A pit bull is like a Porsche. He credited the dog with changing his life when he adopted him in 2013 from See Spot Rescued, which saved him from a West Virginia kill shelter. But Cohen admitted that he has struggled with Wacha ...